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Safe Community

Sebastian currently falls in the top ten safest cities in Florida. Moving forward with the city’s best interest, safety will always be one of my top priorities. A healthy and happy community can only exist if kept safe.

A safe community instills pride in the community, demonstrates individuals can make a difference and encourages our children and grandchildren to want to live, work and play. Without it our community, its vibrancy and economic development erodes.

I will ensure a collaborative effort where all residents, stakeholders, businesses of the community work together in a coordinated way. Putting our experts in the best positions to be successful and ensure they have the tools and equipment to do their jobs.

I am committed to promoting the quality of life we have all come to expect!

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Smart Growth

Growth is inevitable. The city of Sebastian will continue to grow with or without our involvement. Growth decisions affect the many things that touch people’s lives daily – their homes, health, schools their children attend, taxes they pay, daily commute, environment around them, economic growth, and opportunities to achieve their dreams and goals. My approach to growth would allow residents to be involved in developmental decisions building a strong sense of place. Accepting that growth and development will occur, I pledge to be a strong voice for maintaining Sebastian’s beauty and “small fishing village charm” as our community continues to grow.

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Smart Spending

Fiscal responsibility.  It is the responsibility of a city councilmember to make informed decisions regarding spending and the most effective use of our tax dollars.  Budgets can only expand and invest at a rate that is sustainable within the community. Higher taxes can become a disadvantage to existing and prospective new businesses. Residents expect tax rates to be justified, fair and reasonable.

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