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Hometown News Questionnaire

1) Should Sebastian continue efforts to move residents from septic to sewer?

Yes. I would support any efforts of funding assistance that would promote residents to want to voluntarily connect from septic to sewer.

2) What are the other biggest issues facing the next city council?

A. Public safety will always be my top priority. Without it our community, its vibrancy, its economic development, and its tourism erodes.

Maintaining a safe community is our single largest funded investment in the city at approximately 68%. That means supporting our police department and city employees. Retention of knowledge and experience means competitive salaries and benefits. A competitive workforce allows us to remain in the forefront of key performance indicators to show our efforts in maintaining a safe community to the taxpayers of this city. By putting our experts in the best positions to be successful and ensure they have the tools and equipment needed to do their jobs, Sebastian will continue to lead as one of the top ten cities in Florida to live. What a great legacy to pass on to future generations.

I am honored for the support of community leaders including Retired Police Chief Michelle Morris.

B. Annexation is one of the main means of growth for a municipality. Sebastian will continue to grow with or without our help. Putting our differences aside to collaborate with all parties involved, investing the time to develop a well-conceived agreement. Communication and listening allows those involved to plan for their provision of services to help us grow. Allowing residents to be influential in the type and quality of development that occurs and being able to maintain the quality of life we have all come to expect!

During the upcoming annexation and any future annexations, it is imperative we have a well-conceived plan. Not only for the best interest of the city and property owner, but for our future.

3) Why are you the best candidate for city council?

Local governing officials are responsible for so much in our quality of life. My love and will to serve this community led me to run for city council. I understand the issues we face and continue to embed myself in ongoing city business by attending city council and committee meetings, educating myself on agenda items and asking tough questions. My knowledge and 35 years’ experience allow me to begin work on day one. I am dedicated to listening to people to address the issues behind community concerns. I am an open-minded, decisive leader who understands the importance of cooperation and teamwork to achieve goals. I have no agendas, personal or political. With a focus on public safety, lower taxes, future growth, and getting things across the finish line, I am ready for the job. TOGETHER we can keep Sebastian the safest city in Florida for our children to live, work and play!

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Sherrie Matthews, for Sebastian City Council."
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